Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Handwriting is on the Wall

The City of East Palo Alto has been looking for a new city manager for several months. Now, the name of the city's Chief of Police Ron Davis is appearing as a finalist for the chief of police position in several major cities. So, it seems it might be just a matter of time before East Palo Alto loses its current police chief.

Earller this week, it was announced that Davis was one of 11 semifinalists in the running to be the next chief of police in Seattle, WA. Two days ago, it was announced that he was one of six candidates in the running for that same position in New Orleans,LA. Now Davis is one of three finalists for that position. At the pace things are going, it looks like it's only a matter of time before he is going to get an offer that will be difficult for him to refuse.

Davis might continue to exclaim how he is committed to East Palo Alto, but it's obvious that the clock is ticking quickly and given his resume and his accomplishments in the city, he has the background, the talent and the ambition to operate in a much bigger arena than the one offered by East Palo Alto which encompasses two square miles.

For many, the five years that Davis has spent in East Palo Alto has reaffirmed the city's initial decision to hire him. But if he continues to be on the shortlist in major cities which are seeking a new police chief, then East Palo Alto residents might as well begin to tell him, "Goodbye."

Of course, being on a shortlist doesn't guarantee that one will be chosen. San Jose's Chief of Police Rob Davis, just this week, lost his bid to become the new chief of police in Dallas, Texas.

Yet, as far as Ron Davis is concerned, the temptations are coming fast and furious and if he is open to accepting the next best offer, and it looks as if he is, then East Palo Alto will not only need to look for a new city manager, but it might soon be on the market for a new chief of police as well. The countdown has begun.