Friday, February 1, 2013

Each Day Offers A New Beginning

It's the beginning of February. So, we're still very much at the beginning of a new year, which symbolically, offers us a fresh start. Each new year gives us a chance to set new goals, demand more of ourselves and recommit to life.

There is a lot of drama that is involved with the start of a new year. Of course, each day gives us the same opportunities that we see at the beginning of each new year. But the start of each new day does not seem as dramatic as the start of another year, which begins and ends with fireworks and celebrations.

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 Talking with Henrietta - January 24, 2013

Sometimes, the bigger the expectations we have, the greater the disappointment we feel when the goals go unmet and the dreams go unfulfilled.

How do we, then, set the new goals, place the demands on ourselves, commit to doing more with our lives - all with the follow through that we need to accomplish the goals that we've set? It's, obviously, a day-by-day process and it's what we do each day that makes the difference.

Whether it's learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, exercising to keep fit, meal planning to eat in a more healthy way or creating and following a budget, achievement in any area entails a step-by-step process in which what is done each day makes the difference in determining whether the big goals are met.

So, what new goals have you set? How have you used today? Have you done anything in any area of your life to have and reach a bigger dream?  Each day is a new day that offers a new beginning.