Friday, March 16, 2012

Talking with Henrietta Interviews

I have produced three additional television interviews since my last posting. If you've missed any of them, you can use the links below to see video excerpts from the shows.

The latest video interview is with State Assemblymember Rich Gordon. We talked about "Dealing with the Challenges." You can an excerpt from our discussion at

On the previous show called "The Demise of Redevelopment Agencies," we discussed the fallout from the California Supreme Court decision which eliminated redevelopment agencies statewide. An excerpt from the show can be seen at

Since times are tough financially for many people, another show was devoted to "Surviving Financially in Today's Economy." You can see an excerpt at

My other show involved a discussion about how community residents can receive wraparound social services which assists individuals and families. The discussion was called "Nurturing Children from Cradle to Grave." Here is an excerpt from the show -

Excerpts from most of my shows can be seen at