Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Video Updates: Talking about the Issues

Did you know that you could eat a lot of food and still not be well-nourished? On one of my recent television interviews, I discussed how you could be overfed and undernourished. That was, in fact, the title of the show: Overfed and Undernourished. If you missed it, you can see an excerpt from the show here.

There are so many issues that we talk about each day. The issues we discuss are probably all worthy of attention. In April, I talked with a California State Assemblymember Jerry Hill and Santa Clara County Supervisor Liz Kniss to discuss the issues that they thought were important. You can compare the issues they selected for attention with the issues you'd select. The discussion I had with them was aptly called, Targeting Major Areas of Concern. Here is a video excerpt from our discussion.

Talking about issues of concern: Millions of people use Facebook everyday and its recent IPO captured worldwide attention. But local residents in several cities adjacent to and near its corporate headquarters in Menlo Park, CA have their eyes on Facebook because of what they think the company owes them. What does the company owe them? See how they answer this question on my show: Obtaining Community Benefits from Facebook. Click here to get an overview of their points of view. These are just a few highlights of what my television guests and I have been talking about. Please feel free to add your thoughts.