Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Local immigration raids

Many people and organizations are expressing outrage over the wave of immigration raids taking place locally. Members of many families are being separated from each other. You can see from a recent video excerpt some of the problems the raids are creating and how some of the children in these families are being affected. To see the video excerpt, click on the second video picture on the left and watch the video play at the top of this column.

Do you know families affected by the raids? Do you think there should be changes in the way the raids are carried out and the way people are being deported from this country? Are you disturbed by what is taking place?

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Anonymous said...

Don't break the law in the first place, by coming to this country illegally, then you would not have to worry about getting separated from your family. Very simple answer to the problem.

And if you are here illegally, you know you are breaking the law, so don't act shocked when you don't get all the rights of a citizen.